ECOSYS was born out of a nomadic lifestyle where founder, Jessica Owen, was living out a lifelong dream to live freely and reconnect with nature. Having been raised conventionally when it comes to health, she battled chronic allergies, asthma, yeast/bv infections, arthritis, lethargy and ultimately what she later discovered to be a combination of a microbiome imbalance and overload of environmental toxin exposures. She said "no more" to routine antibiotics and conventional medicines and began her journey into natural wellness. After years of researching alternative healing modalities and hundreds of supplements later, she discovered the healing powers of Earth’s vitamins, minerals and herbs. The secret to lasting wellness was literally right under her feet. Together, Jessica and her husband left their busy city lives to become minimalists and set off for a new adventure of toxic-free living as she formulated products that are meant to heal the body and connect you to your true nature.

"Add a little more love to your ecosystem with products that empower you and our world." 

- Founder of ECOSYS